2017 Silmo Paris

DateTime :    Visit : 622

The Silmo Exhibition is founded at 1967 and it's one of the most important glasses exhibition in Europe. French glasses are extremely famous in the world because of their artistic designs and fashionable glasses shapes, which guides the trend of world’s comsuming habits every year.
This year, Silmo Paris is held at 6th october and lasts for 4 days. At the exbihition, we presented our latest optical eyewear frames, which have attracted a large amount of attention.

2017 is a key year for Silmo Paris. After the exbihition, Silmo Paris has celebrated its 50th anniversary, looking foward to the future and emphasizing its pivotal role in the domestic and international optics and eyewear sector.

The anniversary was held at Grand Palais at 10 october.We were invited to attend the anniversary to witness the significant moment of this great event of Silmo Paris.

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